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Windscreen Benefit Explained

You’ve been there: you’re driving along a rough road when a stone or piece of loose debris from the road hits your windscreen and causes a crack.

While it is not an emergency, you know it will become larger if left unattended.

Legally, if you choose to drive with a cracked windscreen, you are contravening the Kenyan

Traffic Act Section 55 (1) Unmaintained motor vehicles e.g. cracked windshield, worn out tires e.t.c. This attracts a fine (should you be arrested) of Ksh.10,000/- to Ksh.20,000/-.

What should you do?

  • Have the crack examined as soon as possible.

  • Contact your insurance provider.Since this is a common issue, many comprehensive motor insurance packages offer a windscreen cover as a free benefit up to a certain limit. Check with your insurance agent/broker

  • If you are sure you are not covered, go ahead and arrange for a replacement at your cost

What is a windscreen benefit?

This is a benefit that allows you to claim for any windscreen repairs, or even a full windscreen replacement if necessary, on your motor insurance policy. That includes other windows in your vehicle as well.

If I make a claim, will I have to pay any excess?

Excess is the contribution you need to pay towards an insurance claim and it varies from policy to policy.

Most policies will require you to pay 10% excess to reinstate the windscreen cover. Should you fail to pay for reinstatement of the benefit, the cost of repairs for any subsequent windscreen damage will not be paid for by your insurer.

How do I get the best deal on windscreen cover?

Compare car insurance policies! Most will provide the cover for free up to a certain limit.

Should the windscreen replacement cost be higher than the free windscreen cover limit provided by your insurer, you can pay for the extra amount not covered.

Take an example where the free windscreen cover provided in your policy is Ksh.30,000/- and the cost of replacing the windscreen is Ksh.50,000/- you can request for a quotation for Ksh.20,000/- to ensure the full cost of replacing the windscreen is covered. This can only be done at the beginning of the insurance policy and not when a claim occurs.

Remember, always ask about the benefits included in your package and be sure to read your policy details carefully. Get in touch with your insurance agent/broker today to confirm you’re getting what you need!

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